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This page last updated: Wednesday December 6, 2000                                                                                                                                

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Why start a Counter-Strike clan?
Counter-Strike is a game of team-based strategy. Jumping into a public game rarely puts you in a position to enjoy the full element of team dynamics that is possible within the frame work of the game. A clan allows you to participate in an organized and disciplined environment.

Why OrTn?
The founder of the clan, Atomic Boy is a native of the Oak Ridge, Tennessee area, though Atomic Boy now resides with his wife in Canada. Oak Ridge has a history unlike any city in the world, and it's one to which we associate much of our childhood with...especially the Radiation Days when we got to stay home from school in the 80s.

Radiaton Days?
Yeah. Air quality, you know.

What is the purpose of your clan?
To have fun.

Do you care about winning?
Of course! But, we aren't going to make asses out of ourselves if we don't. This is a game. It's not to be taken too seriously. We like to mock a d00d attitude from time to time, but it's all in the name of fun.

Is that why your clan has a detailed Feild Manual? For fun?
How do you know about that?

I know.
I can't comment on that. I'm afraid you're going to have to see Mr. BlastWave on your way out...that information is too sensitive to...

To what? Let me live?
I didn't say that.

I saw the way you looked at me.
No you didn't.

Anyway...so...where do you see this clan in 5 years?
Disbanded. In 5 years, Counter-Strike will be dead. We'll all be playing Virtual Mall Cops 3 or something.

Your sense of humor is pretty dry.

Do you intend on competing seriously in ladder matches?
Most certainly. I really look forward to some good, organized clan matches.

Where did all those pictures come from? Are you advocating real violence?
They came from a camera. And no, we don't advocate real violence. If you can't seperate reality from fantasy, you've no business here. And for those who seem to think that virtual violence leads to real acts of violence, come tell that to my face and see what you get, phewl punks.

You're just kidding, right?
Ummm...yeah. Okay. Yes, I am just kidding.

Thank you, Mr. Atomic. I believe that's all the questions I have today.


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