Notice: This clan isn't for d00ds who think it's 1337 to be in a clan. We are a mission-oriented clan, frag-count is of secondary concern to completing the mission. Our first priority, however, is to have fun. If you can't handle playing with the grown-ups, please don't waste our time.

Also, because of time and postal-mail restricitons, we are only accepting members form the U.S. and Canada.

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Under 16

What kind of connection do you have to the internet?
ISDN 64k
ISDN 128

This clan uses Microsoft Instant Messenger to communicate, and we require that you keep either a Hotmail or MSN address with the tag _ortn (i.e. for communication purposes. Do you accept these requirements?

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We will require no less than three photos of yourself for use on our web page, which is viewable by the public. You will provide these photos within 48 hours of the request. Do you accept these requirements?

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What services can you provide, if any?
Web Page Upkeep
Game Server
A better Web Server

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