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ENLISTMENT BEGINS 1.10.01                                                                         If you have been exposed to lethal ammounts of radiation, you're gonna die.                                                      Wheeee!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2000

The Vision lives on!

Oak Ridge, Tennessee has a history wrapped in secrecy, government documents, and radiation! Ahahaha! That's right, baby! OrTn is invading Counter-Stike! Although only one of the founding members still lives in the Atomic City, we both grew up there and got our healthy dose of heavy metals at an early age!

This site is just coming up, and should be fully functional within a week from the time you read this. We will begin scouting for other radiation babies shortly thereafter.

We will register with OGL as soon as we get our act together, which means finishing this site.

Oh, yeah...this site shall also contain some very detailed history on Oak Ridge, so you can cower in terror about what has been, and what still is, going on within our boarders today!

-Atomic Boy

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