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Friday, April 5th, 2001

Fanatics promise action

After months of delay, -=OrTn=- has proclaimed that it has overcome the organizational issues that has plagued the group for months.

"We're scared," an unidentified government agent told us on the phone, "we're all scared. Any time you get a bunch of well-armed yahoos together and give them a cause, there's serious need for concern."

Atomic Boy...again
Officials fear -=OrTn=- members are heavily armed.

In a telephone interview, -=OrTn=- founder Atomic Boy told us "You've got nothing to worry about. People tend to blow these things out of porportion. Sure, we're heavily armed, and yes, we intend to combat a few rival clans, but the populace at large need only fear us if they happen to be on the same server as we."

Nonetheless, government officals are suggesting that people stay away from servers which they believe may be inhabited by -=OrTn=- members. "It's just a precautionary measure," the previously mentioned official stated. "We don't want trouble if we don't have to have trouble. But as soon as one of these hoolagans steps out of line, we're going to put the smack down. We ask that the public not take this into their own hands."

Despite officials pleas, Atomic Boy is advertising the availability of membership within -=OrTn=-. "Not just anyone can get in, but those who are good enough, and willing to die for a worthless cause, stand to benefit from assiciation with -=OrTn=-."

Officials believe that Blastwave, the clans second-in-command, has been actively recruiting follows from the ranks of amature Counter-Strike players. "Anyone who feeds on the public like this deserves to be in prison," said an unidentified man who says that -=OrTn=- tried to recruit him. "It's just sick."

"I wish we could do someting," another unidentified offical stated in an E-mail, "unfortunately, our hands our tied at the moment. These 'games' are unfortunately protected under the right to freedom of expression, and there isn't really anything we can do about it until someone decides to step in and burn the constitution."

When asked if aware of Atomic Boy's flight to Canada, the official responded "Yep. Yep, yep, yep. That's too bad, really. I hear they don't have the Death Penalty up there."

For the time being, officals remain on a state of constant alert. Their advice to the public:

"Just leave them alone. Please."

Atomic Boy

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