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Welcome to -=OrTn=- clanmates! Here, you'll find all you need to get up and running!                                                                          Please be patient as I get this area up and running .                                                      

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Wednesday April 4th,  2000

Classified Section

Welcome, fellow -=OrTn=- members. I, Atomic Boy your fearless leader, greet you, and welcome you to our association.

This site, and this clan, has been a long time coming. I myself have put many long hours into the initial creation of this site, and shall put many more into its upkeep. I take great pride in any website I create, but I especially take pride in those sites which serve a higher goal than simply aesthetics.

Make no doubt about it, this site will from hence forth, for the duration of your stay in this clan, be your primary means of keeping up with Clan news, battle reports, strategy, honors, discipline, and more. It is therefore your duty to keep yourself informed by visiting this site often. I have arranged things in such a way as to facilitate navigation, so you should never have to click around for an hour trying to find something. This site will be changed and refined as I see necessary for improvement, but what you see before you now is the basic layout that will endure to the end.

On the subject of this site, it is your duty and responsibility to keep your password, and all information contained in the Restricted portion of this site, including the URL of the members page to yourself. You are not even to share your password with other members of the clan. I am the only person on Earth who should know everyones password, and this is only because I am the one who sets the passwords. Violation of this code will result in your immediate and unquestioned dismissal

I have the ability, using the password feature, to create a seperate Entry page for each member as he/she logs in. I do intend to utilize this feature in the future, once the more basic needs of this site are taken care of.

BlastWave is your commanding officer. Due to the restrictions of my real life, I am unable to devote the time necessary to run the clan on a day-by-day basis. Make no mistake, however, that I am in charge. You are answerable to BlastWave, and BlastWave is answerable to me. I will be in touch with each of you on a regular basis, and you shall see me in game on a semi-regular basis, but the majority of my duty will be to maintain this site and oversee general operations.

BlastWave is the person you should look to for day-to-day needs. He will also be responsible for figuring out who is available when. Although he may make initial contact with clans, a clan match may only be carried on once it has recieved my approval.

I have been in many clans, from [V.3] Vector.3 for Quake1, [MDK] Murder Death Kill for Ultima Online, and countless others. I have a lot of experience in Clans, so please do not underestimate me simply because I have a busy life. I must have your total support and understanding.

This clan will be impeccible in it's sportsmanship. This means if you kick their butts, you don't go off on how they s0x0r. It also means if you get your butt kicked right left and center, you don't complain about lag, cheating, or the like. Any reports of cheating will be handled by myself and the OGL.

Also, when playing, keep the cursing to the minimum, and preferrably not at all. While it may be considered 'Okay' in games such as CS, we wish to present a quality of conduct above and beyond the usual. We wish to present ourselves as professionals, regardless of the circumstances.

Within a few days (or a week at the most), of being accepted into this clan, you will recieve a membership agreement form. Reply to the form and affix your digital signature (type your name) in the required spaces to show your acceptance of the terms of membership. Once I recieve this back from you, you will recieve a membership package. This package it top secret, and for your eyes alone.

I look forward to a successful, and most importantly fun, gaming career with you. May you play hard, and fight harder!

To those of you about to die...I salute you!

-Atomic Boy

All original site content ©2000, 2001 by Atomic Boy and BlastWave.