Atomic Boy in action

Atomic Boy

  • Name: Atomic Boy
  • Rank: Leader, Founder, Web Master
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Perosonal Homepage: Warren7
  • Motto: I ain't dead yet!
  • Favorite Map: Siege
  • Favorite Weapon: XM 1014 Combat Shotgun
    XM 1014

    Computer Specs
  • Brand: Self-built
  • Processor:Celeron 433 (Slot 1)
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Video Card: TnT2 Ultra (32MB AGP)
  • Connection Type: 1Mb DSL

I grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, but recently moved to Ontario, Canada with my wife. It's pretty cold up here, which gives me even more opportunity to stay indoors and play games. CS isn't my only addiction, I enjoy Asherons Call, Civilization II, Alpha Centuri, MechWarrior3, and varios other PC and PlayStation games.

My real gifts are hand-coding HTML (forget WYSIWYG), page layout, and PC hardware. Ripping a PC open and running my hands all over its guts just makes me....tingle...all over.

I started this clan along with Blastwave, my cousin. Years ago, before the internet was a common word, we discussed 'inventing' games like this that could be played online. Neither one of us knew where to begin, so we lost out on that fortune. But lo and behold, here we are.

And so it is...

A somber setting