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ENLISTMENT BEGINS 1.10.01                                                                         If you have been exposed to lethal ammounts of radiation, you're gonna die.                                                      Wheeee!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Phase 2

As you can see, much of this site is now operational. We are about to enter the refinement stage, although much of the Restricted areas have yet to be brought online.

Our Enlistment page is active, and any application submitted will be recieved and confirmed, however we won't begin the actual admissions process until 1.10.01, as this gives us time to finish up the site and enjoy the holiday season.

A few other points of note: The The Real History of the Atomic City, an online documentary covering the unique and at one time classified history of Oak Ridge, TN, will be a while in coming, due to the extensive research neccessary to ensure that we both detail all points of interest and get the facts straight. People from Oak Ridge throw around terms like Y-12, K-25, and X-10 like most people talk about Wal-Mart. Those are the code names for nuclear production plants, BTW. If you're at all interested in World War II history, atomic history, wartime history, or conspiracies, we believe you'll find this area, once we bring it online, very interesting.

Do also note that this site shall be visually refined throughout the coming weeks leading up to our official launch on 1.10.01. While keeping bandwidth and aesthetic concerns in mind, we are considering integrating more graphics for atmosphere. Just watch...whatever happens will happen.


Until next update...

-Atomic Boy

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